Friday, August 17, 2007

Hi everybody! It has been over a month since I am in Hawaii. Sorry that I haven't been writing to most of you. Hope all of you are well and happy wherever you are and whatever you do.

Hawaii is a land of rainbows - I can see rainbow almost every other day. Guess what?! I even see rainbow many times from my kitchen window while I prepare dinner. Reminds me of the good times spent with Club Rainbow in Singapore.

My typical day starts at 7:30am on the days when Jeff works. After sending him off and clearing the table, I usually do my daily deveotions and laundry. Lunch is usually a simple one. I watched TV only occasionally cos I prefer to listen to music and reading. I will prepare dinner before Jeff gets back home. When he does, we will go walking/running/tennis first. Then we will cook and eat together. About 1-2 times a week, we will go to the YMCA (15 mins drive away), Jeff loves to swim and I will hit the gym since I can't really swim yet. I have signed up for the adult swimming class next Tuesday - hope this time I will learn it properly.

I am thankful that Jeff doesn't have to work on Wednesday besides the usual weekend off. We will run errands and schedule appointments on that day. Saturdays evenings are spend with church bible study group at a Phillipina nurse's house. Sundays are church services and sometimes visiting Jeff's parents.

Jeff is quite domesticated (thank God!!!) - he cooks very well, cleans a little and throw the trash. Good thing the house is not too big cos I dread spending whole time cleaning the house. I did quite a bit of reorganization of the fridge, cupboards. This man stocked lots of chicken broth cans, kitchen towels and bath soaps O: P

We have a cat named Tigger. He is a 4 yr old male cat who is very affectionate and somewhat timid. He is scared of vacuum cleaner and anything that moves suddenly. He loves to be brushed and scratched. He would do anything to sneak out to the backyard to explore. I always think he has an identity issue - eating grass! Cats don't eat grass, cows do. The next day Tigger would throw out the grass on the floor but he would do it all over again if he is out in the backyard.

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